In my training as a socio-cultural anthropologist at Brandeis University, I have designed and conducted ethnographic research in South Africa and the United States. This page collects various drafts and published manuscripts I have written from this original material.

Pentecostal Promise and a South African Dream Deferred
On Africa Is a Country, March 31, 2020

The Prosperity Gospel and an Unprosperous Reality in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Conservative Evangelical Responses to Charismatic Christianity
Wits Interdisciplinary Seminar in the Humanities, 2019

Aging and the End Times: Evangelical Eschatology and Experiences of Elderhood in the United States and South Africa
In Anthropology & Aging 40(1):32-47, 2019

Religion and Science
From The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2018

Evangelistic Failures and Imperial Anxieties among Nineteenth-Century American Missionaries to the Zulu
Symposium Presentation, 2017

‘Only One Race’: Religious and Scientific Rhetoric of Anti-Racism among Young-Earth Creationists
Conference Presentation, 2015

Contesting the Secular Other, Constructing the Creationist Self: Scientific Discourse and Religious Narrative among Kentuckian Evangelical Christians
MA Thesis, 2015

Confiding in ‘God’s Word,’ Confirming through ‘Man’s Word’
Conference Presentation, 2014

In addition to my own research, I organized a small conference at Brandeis on legal anthropology in April 2016, the program from which appears here.

Anthropology, Law, and the Pursuit of Social Justice Conference Program